Update - We are continuing to monitor for any further issues.
May 12, 16:26 AEST
Monitoring - A fix has been implemented and we are monitoring the results.
May 12, 16:25 AEST
Identified - Engineers have identified another large DDoS attack and have commenced enacting a solution to restore connectivity.

Further updates will be provided shortly.
May 12, 16:22 AEST
Investigating - Engineers have received monitoring alerts and are investigating reported intermittent service disruption to some services in our Perth-based datacentre (PE2).

The network engineering team has commenced a full investigation to identify the cause, and further updates will be provided as soon as possible.
May 12, 16:09 AEST
Regions Operational
Sydney Operational
Brisbane Operational
Melbourne Operational
Perth Operational
New Zealand Operational
Services Operational
Cloud Servers Operational
Colocation Operational
Dedicated Servers Operational
Managed Wordpress Operational
Network Operational
Private Cloud Operational
xDSL/EFM Operational
Data Centres Operational
Equinix SY1 Operational
Equinix SY3 Operational
Equinix SY4 Operational
Equinix BR1 Operational
Equinix ME1 Operational
Equinix PE2 Operational
NextDC B1 Operational
NextDC B2 Operational
5GN SDC Operational
5GN MDC Operational
Data Centre 220 Operational
Syncom SYD2 Operational
Service Desk Operational
MySAU Customer Portal Operational
Phone Support Operational
Degraded Performance
Partial Outage
Major Outage
Scheduled Maintenance
Scheduled Network Maintenance - WA May 20, 01:00-05:00 AEST
During the times listed in this notice network engineers will be conducting maintenance in the Equinix PE2 facility.

Services may see up to five minutes of intermittent reachability during this time.

Please contact our helpdesk if you have any questions or concerns regarding this.
Posted on May 12, 14:06 AEST
Past Incidents
May 17, 2021

No incidents reported today.

May 16, 2021

No incidents reported.

May 15, 2021

No incidents reported.

May 14, 2021
Completed - The scheduled maintenance has been completed.
May 14, 01:05 AEST
In progress - Scheduled maintenance is currently in progress. We will provide updates as necessary.
May 14, 01:00 AEST
Scheduled - Engineers are expanding the storage capacity of the Nimble-6-1 array.

During this procedure as the array control plane needs to restart. The iSCSI volume will become unavailable for around 5 seconds.

Engineers have verified that all connected iSCSI initiators have the correct timeouts set, so there is no expected impact to customer workloads.
May 13, 10:40 AEST
May 13, 2021

No incidents reported.

May 12, 2021
Resolved - The upstream vendor has now formally confirmed this has been resolved.
May 12, 16:20 AEST
Monitoring - The upstream vendor has now been able to restore our connectivity to the platform we utilise for support cases, and access for clients through the MySAU portal should now be restored.

We will keep this in a monitoring state for another day as we await further information from the vendor on the root cause.
May 12, 11:39 AEST
Update - We are continuing to await further information from the upstream provider. No ETA is currently available on when they intend to finalise the restoration of impacted services relating to the cases system.

We greatly appreciate your patience during this time. For urgent & immediate support, please contact our team via phone and we will assist you as best as possible.
May 12, 10:47 AEST
Investigating - Servers Australia is aware of an upstream provider issue affecting customers access to support cases through the MySAU portal. All customers may be unable to view or reply to any cases with the MySAU Portal. This will also impact access to past or historical cases.

If you require urgent & immediate support, please call our support team on 1300 788 862 and we'll assist you while we await further information from the provider.
May 12, 08:45 AEST
May 11, 2021

No incidents reported.

May 10, 2021

No incidents reported.

May 9, 2021

No incidents reported.

May 8, 2021

No incidents reported.

May 7, 2021
Postmortem - Read details
May 7, 17:28 AEST
Resolved - This incident has been resolved.
May 7, 17:24 AEST
Monitoring - Engineers have now finalised the bulk of work with our platform vendor and all managed and monitored services are reporting as online. Further analysis is underway and we intend to provide a report next week leading to the reason for this interruption. If you believe your legacy cloud service is still impacted due to this incident, please contact our Support team via the MySAU portal or directly via our contact number on 1300 788 862 and we can investigate this with you further.
Apr 30, 21:57 AEST
Update - We have restored access to the vast majority of cloud VMs and are working to bring the remaining online ASAP
Apr 30, 20:43 AEST
Update - The team have finalised another set of services manually, which are now online. We are now working to finalise a small number of clients with affected services, and hope to have these finalised within the next hour.
Apr 30, 17:25 AEST
Update - Our Engineers are continuing to work closely with the platform vendor. Unanticipated delays due to the size and complexity of remaining services have slowed down works, but we are continuing this at a constant rate with services coming back online regularly after their analysis. We greatly appreciate the cooperation of all remaining impacted clients.
Apr 30, 16:15 AEST
Update - The platform vendor is continuing to work on assessing individual services to assist with restoration efforts. This has been hampered in some instances due to the size of virtual disks on the platform. As each service is reviewed, it is being brought online by the team. We again appreciate your cooperation and understanding during this time.
Apr 30, 14:49 AEST
Update - Engineers have isolated the cause of disruption for the remaining offline services, and are still working with the platform provider to finalise the restoration of these services. We thank you for your understanding at this time.
Apr 30, 13:31 AEST
Update - Engineers are still undergoing work directly with the platform vendor to restore the remaining impacted services, as some services require individual inspection before being brought online.
Apr 30, 12:46 AEST
Update - Engineers have begun works to bring online the remaining impacted services tied to this incident. There may be a delay for some of the remaining services, but we intend to have them all brought online as soon as possible.
Apr 30, 12:03 AEST
Update - Servers Australia Engineers are working directly with the platform vendor to analyse the situation further. While these ongoing works are underway some cloud services may continue to be impacted. We will provide a further update once these works complete and the remaining impacted services can be restored.
Apr 30, 11:37 AEST
Identified - Engineers have collected further information relating to the cause of disruption and are now assessing the environment. Further work is currently underway to bring the impacted services online as a top priority.
Apr 30, 11:22 AEST
Update - Engineers are continuing to actively review affected services and are collecting data on the reason for the error, to assist with restoring connectivity for the impacted services.
Apr 30, 11:06 AEST
Investigating - Engineers have received monitoring alerts that a single host in our legacy cloud server platform has reported an error, and applicable servers on this host may experience a service interruption or ongoing degradation. No cloud services on our new cloud platform have been impacted.

A full investigation is underway and further updates will be provided shortly.
Apr 30, 10:47 AEST
Resolved - Further monitoring has now been completed.
May 7, 17:00 AEST
Monitoring - Engineers have cut over production traffic and our monitoring this for 24 hours before closing.
May 5, 13:05 AEST
Update - The upstream provider has located the issue and applied a fix.

We are monitoring for stability before production traffic is cutover.
May 5, 11:58 AEST
Update - Engineers are attending the site today to complete further troubleshooting.

Further updates to come.
May 5, 09:52 AEST
Update - Engineers have been working with our upstream provider and have narrowed down the issue to something local on one end.

Further updates will be provided ASAP.
May 4, 18:29 AEST
Identified - Engineers are working with our upstream provider after detecting a down inter-connect to our Syncom SYD2 facility.

Redundancy and capacity are reduced at this facility until this service has been restored.

Further updates will be provided ASAP.
May 4, 09:21 AEST
May 6, 2021

No incidents reported.

May 5, 2021
May 4, 2021
Completed - The scheduled maintenance has been completed.
May 4, 01:05 AEST
In progress - Scheduled maintenance is currently in progress. We will provide updates as necessary.
May 4, 01:00 AEST
Update - We will be undergoing scheduled maintenance during this time.
May 3, 12:47 AEST
Scheduled - Engineers will be running a scheduled update and maintenance task on a core routing component of our VPS and Cloud services to ensure ongoing stability and security of our infrastructure.

All VMWare VPS and Cloud servers will experience a short few seconds of network interruption during the upgrade, as the active gateway fails over to the passive, and back again. Although the entire upgrade process will take around 5 minutes, the interruption will only last a few seconds as the updates are finalized.
May 3, 12:47 AEST
May 3, 2021

No incidents reported.